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The Reasons Why the paper crosscutting machine Cut Constantly

Time : 2022-11-14 Hits : 22

The paper crosscutting machine is a professional equipment on the corrugated paperboard production line, which can precisely cut the cardboard according to the set length on PLC. The blade is installed on the cutter shaft. To rotate the cutter shaft and set the size of the cardboard through the contrcol system, then you can get the cardboard with the size that you want.

But for high-speed crosscutting machine, there often appears the phenomenon of continuous cutting of cardboard at high speed, especially cutting cardboard, or cutting continuously in a certain size, resulting in the stacking is not uniform, which great affects the collection of paper. When appear this phenomenon, the worker needs to stop the machine, and set the cutter’s position, which may affect the production efficiency and the service life of the knives.
However,how to solve the problem? Please pay attention to these two aspects.
Firstly, improve the machining technology of cutter roll, improve the balance accuracy of cutter roll, and eliminate the deformation of cutter shaft. You need to correct use the blade lubrication and reverse sharpening way to ensure that the blade is sharp.

Secondly, use higher strength materials, like 45 carbon steel, 42CrMo and composite CFRP carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is 1/4 the density of steel and five times stronger than steel. It contain the feature of high strength, small deformation, low moment of inertia. In the same time, in order to reduce noise and improve bearing lubrication, lubricant will be added to the tool barrel to play an internal damping role and effectively reduce the noise during high-speed cutting.
For Gaobao’s paper crosscutting machine, we use high quality cutting round blade knives, which can sharply cut the paper quickly. Meanwhile, Gaobao has a professional after-sales service team, which can solve most problems of the machine in a timely and effective manner. More importantly, we have a professional design and development team, which can design the most suitable scheme according to different materials, and constantly update and improve, to bring better using experience to our customers.

In short, reasonable design of mechanical structure, optimization of helix parameters, precision manufacturing process, ensure that high strength, low inertia and control system organic match, correct use and operation of paper crosscutting machine, to ensure that the crosscutting machine can cut cardboard stably with high-speed and avoid the phenomenon of constant cutting.

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