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Types of Converting Machines

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Converting machines provide solutions to help customers reach their converting aims. In converting industry, some materials such as paper, foam, silicone, tape, non-woven fabric, rubber, film and other flexible packaging materials often need to be modified or combined. The raw materials may be produced in sheets or bulk rolls and converted into a smaller intermediate form or final products such as packing bags, books, and tapes.

converting machine

Converting machines are used for web processing for continuous rolls of web materials. Typical converting machinery mainly includes slitter rewinders, sheeting, printing, bag making machine, etc.

Slitter rewinders machine  can convert a wide range of web materials from wide rolls to narrow finished rolls. The slitter rewinders machine slits it in the desired width accurately according to requirements and commonly combines slitting methods with rewinding modes.

A sheeter machine converts rolls into sheets with specific lengths and widths, like A4 A5 size. Some sheeter machines can also come with additional equipment for stacking, which is more convenient for the next step production process.

Printing machinery is commonly used in converting industry. The popular techniques are flexo printing and gravure printing, and both print processes are proper for roll-to-roll web processing applications such as plastic film, paper, foil, textile, etc. Bag equipment is a converter that produces a wide range of packaging products. This converting equipment can take a web of film, cut it into desired lengths and width, seal their edges with some plastic materials, and finally convert it into a plastic bag.

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