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Understand tension control and its influencing factors of slitting machine

Time : 2022-10-11 Hits : 29

Zhejiang Gaobao Machinery Co.,Ltd now has a strong technical force and perfect processing system, in the absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology at the same time, we combined with market demand, and continue to develop new coil processing equipment, widely used in paper, aluminum foil, film and various complexes and other reel material processing industry.

We specialize in the production of crosscutting and slitting machines for 20 years. Due to the high degree of automation, high quality and low price, the equipment is popular in domestic well-known enterprises such as Sun Paper, Five Star Paper, Kailai Paper, Yatushi Paper, Chenming Paper, APP, Xianhe Paper, Aili, Fuzhou, Xinhua Medical, Lucky and so on, and exported to America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. We have been recognized and recommended by many customers.

Today we are going to talk about the tension control of the slitting rewinding machine. The tension control system is a important part of the slitting machine. The so-called tension control refers to the ability to control the tension of raw materials on the equipment in a long and stable manner.
The tension control of slitting machine is basically manual tension control and automatic tension control. Manual tension control is when the material diameter changes to a certain stage, by the operator to adjust the manual power device, so as to achieve the appropriate tension. We generally use automatic taper tension, so that the winding diameter of the material is constantly changing, the tension is constantly changing, so as to avoid the material because of inappropriate tension and affect the slitting effect. If the tension is insufficient, the material is easy to loose in the process of operation, and the finished product is easy to appear wrinkling phenomenon; If the tension is too large, the material is easy to be pulled off, and the finished product is easy to produce many broken ends.

There are many factors that affect the stability of tension, the most common is the following, such as the core diameter of the material, the change of the machine speed up and down, and the uneven nature of the raw material itself, so we should pay attention to the tension control of the machine in time during the operation of the machine.

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