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GAOBAO Machinery contributes to epidemic prevention and control

Time : 2022-05-31 Hits : 76

GAOBAO Machinery is a professional paper and paper composite web material processing equipment company. What contribution can our machinery make to epidemic prevention and control?At the end of July, I visited many manufacturers of epidemic prevention and control products. Let me take everyone to see how our cross-cutting machine and slitting machine work in the factory.

Mask production line
The most effective way to fight against the new coronavirus is to wear high-quality masks. Non-woven fabrics and melt blown fabrics for masks need to be processed by slitting machines. The width of melt blown cloth produced by the melt blown cloth production line is more than 1650mm. However, the width of the raw materials required by the mask forming machine is 175-225mm. Therefore, the melt blown cloth must be cut by a slitting machine before masks can be produced.

Alcohol sterilized wipes packaging materials
People have a strong demand for disinfection and sterilization products. The demand for packaging materials for corresponding products has also increased. This time we visited a company that produces packaging materials for sterile wipes. They are our old customers and friends with whom we have cooperated for many years. This company has 3 paper and aluminum foil laminating machines, 5 sets flexographic printing machines, and 4 sets GAOBAO machinery slitting and rewinding machines.

Medical non-woven fabric related product production line
Medical personnel’s protective clothing and anti-virus and sterilization of surgical instruments all require medical grade non-woven fabrics. This time we visited a large medical supplies company and they have ordered five medical non-woven cross-cutting machines from our company in the past three years. During this epidemic, our non-woven fabric cross-cutting machine was overloaded and working stably.

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