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Introduction to the operation process of film slitter

Time : 2023-03-17 Hits : 29

Thefilm slitteris composed of an unwinding device, a slitting device, a winding device, various functional rollers, and tension control and deviation correction control and detection devices; its working principle is: the film raw material unfolds from the unwinding device, then passed through the flattening roller, the tension detection roller and the deviation correction system enter the slitting device. After slitting, they are rewind into standard film rolls by the rewinding device.

Take Gaobao Machinery's Film slitting machine as an example. First, according to the actual situation, pick up the corresponding raw material roll, select the direction and place it on the unwinding rack of the slitting machine, and clamp the coil core with the control button. And we need to pass the film material through each roller, and we can use the function button on the slitter to make the film evenly distributed on each roller along the slitting process. The film is usually slit with a flat knife. Measure the position between the knives and fix the position of each knife. And we can use infrared edging device to keep the cross-section of the slit is neat.

This machine adopts the upper and lower two rewinding shafts rewind in the same direction, and the clamping of rewinding and unwinding, as well as the movement of the knife shaft and pressure roller are all pneumatically controlled, and the operation is simple and fast. Single motor frequency conversion drive, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise;  High precision of tension control, fast response, wide adjustable range; unwinding has static elimination device, waste edge blowing device, automatic meter counting for rewinding. Each function can be configured according to customer requirements. And equipped with automatic unloading device, saving time and effort.

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