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Understand the prospect of paper sheet cutting machine and machine operation process

Time : 2023-02-18 Hits : 25

paper cutting machine is a widely used printing machinery and packaging machinery, which is essential in paper cutting in the post-printing stage. With the development of the whole country's economy, the importance of the printing and packaging industry has become increasingly prominent, and the number of printing factories and graphic shops has also increased. The advent of the paper sheet cutting machine has saved a lot of labor and production costs for the digital printing industry. With the continuous advancement of technology, the production needs of the printing industry and the increasingly competitive paper cutting machine market, the future development of paper cutting machines will develop in the direction of large format and higher intelligence, and with the increase in labor costs , The demand for the automation level of cutting equipment in printing plants is also constantly increasing. Therefore, it has gradually become a development trend for paper cutting machine manufacturers to develop peripheral equipment for paper cutting machines. The cut paper can still be placed neatly without multiple people sorting, thus effectively reducing labor and production costs.

  Zhejiang Gaobao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the manufacture of roll material processing equipment . It has been focusing on the production, sales and service of slitting machines, cutting machines, A4 paper cutting machines and other equipment for more than 20 years . At present, Gaobao has a strong technical force and a complete processing system. The machines are exported to America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. All machines have CE certification, which guarantees the production of high-quality products .

Take Gaobao's current A4 paper cutting machine production line as an example. This is a very popular machine that supports customization. You can choose shaft unwinding or shaftless unwinding according to material requirements. The maximum bearing capacity of shaft unwinding is 1200Kg . Each unwinding position adopts two magnetic powder brakes. Then feed the material, so that the material passes through a buffer area and enters the cutting and conveyor belt stage. The cutting speed is 10-200 times/min. With the transmission of the conveyor belt, the paper enters the sorting stage, and the paper cutting machine can count, such as 500 sheets per ream. After the number of paper reaches the set value, it is sent out by the side conveyor belt into the packaging machine for packaging, and finally a complete A4 finished product can be obtained. This production line is cut by the machine for transportation and packaging, which greatly reduces the input of manpower and reduces the The cost of production. Of course, we also have many other types of paper cutting machines, welcome to inquire, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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