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What is a paper roll slitting machine?

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Roll slitting machine is also called rewind slitting. It is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. The potential workpieces are selectively thin (0.001 to 0.215 in.) and can be machined in sheet or roll form.

Slitting is taken as a practical alternative to other cutting methods due to its high productivity and the variety of materials it can manage. Rewind slitting entails rewinding the material through several knives to form narrower rolls of materials.

A slitting machine has three main parts: the unwind, the slitting section, and the rewind. The unwind usually is braked to maintain proper tension in the material. Some machines have a driven unwind, which decreases the effect of inertia when starting to unwind heavy rolls or when the substance is very tension sensitive. The slitting section has three primary options: rotary shear slitting, score slitting, and razor slitting, which is ideal for thin plastic film.

The rewind section also had different options. The main type is center winding using differential rewind shafts. These shafts are becoming universal on slitting machines. The differential shafts guarantee an even tension across the entire material width. Closed-loop control of the winding tension gives the total tension-control system needed for running tension-sensitive materials. Precise and accurate tension control is a must for roll slitting. Machines now use AC vector drives with closed-loop feedback from AC motors. The correct control algorithms ensure they produce excellent results with minimum maintenance.

paper roll slitting machine is a procedure mainly used by the converters industry. Converter companies specialize in modifying or combining raw materials such as polyesters, silicone, adhesive tapes, adhesives, papers, and foils to create new products. A standard converter is a company that manufactures flexible packaging material. Their packaging process may involve large rolls of plastic film such as BOPP or PET which is then printed according to the customer's design and coated with cold seal adhesive for use on high-speed packaging machines. This material is printed and coated in wide, large-diameter rolls for maximum efficiency. The rolls are then slit with a slitting machine, into smaller rolls of the size to be used on the packaging machine.

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